Paint is Thicker than Water Part II " An Artistic Family Display

Artistic Family Display Their Work To The Public Together for the Second Time in Chillicothe Ohio

When one has the opportunity to view the work of a whole family of artists in a single exhibition it should be an event that is deeply etched into ones calendar. The Griffiths will be displaying their joint work at their appropriately named "Paint is Thicker than Water" show on Saturday the 9th June 2012 at The Gallery at Ninety-Seven, Chillicothe OH.

Abril Andrade Griffith is a full time painter and has a style which is bursting with vibrant color projecting wonderful imagery through her figurative interpretation. Smooth rounded soft textures that draw the eye to desired focal points always relax despite the somewhat evocative material sometimes being portrayed. That being said, the innocent pastel shades shouldn't mislead you as they are the honey in the fly trap. Her work playfully dances between the sweetly angelic and the gothically macabre yet has the ability to hold the viewer captive with its powerful enchanting magic. Abril's work is bold but somehow remains accessible to a wide audience as it jumps with both feet into new undiscovered frontiers.

Her husband Matt Griffith is a world renowned tattoo artist who has appeared on the cover of numerous well-known tattoo magazines due to the excellent quality of his work. Pinpointing his work genre-wise isn't an easy task as he can pretty much move from one style to another with relative ease due to the nature of his career demands as a professional tattoo artist. His work is outstanding and is definitely on par with the best. The work is precise and multi-faceted ranging from comic caricature to abstract imagery although the transition is seamless.      I was in total awe while glancing through his portfolio as each new piece seemed to outdo the work I had just seen; totally breathtaking stuff and definitely a "must see" experience.

Abril and Matt are the joint owners of the "2 Dollar Pistol Tattoo" shop where they bring the dreams of their clients into reality through the mighty talents they possess. Rarely does an opportunity arise to see such skilled work outside the confines of printed publication or conventions so I highly suggest attending the show.

As mentioned above, the Griffiths 4 year old daughter Lucy will also be flaunting her talent to make it a complete family event. Her work is heavily influenced by Matt and Abril's creative input and already shows signs of a budding future talent of extraordinary proportions. The Griffiths look forward to seeing you and I am sure that you will equally enjoy seeing what they have on offer to the public.

Display will be available for viewing June 9 - July 12, 2012
                      Gallery at Ninety-Seven Located at 97 N. Paint Street here in Chillicothe Ohio



Big Sale on Prints and Original Art, also a little bit of Family love

Hello Everyone , I haven't posted on my blog for little over a month wow! Is hard to keep up with all the online stuff i do, and Facebook takes so much of my time hahaha, But i will try my best to continue posting with new work and anything that comes to mind.

2 weeks ago i took a mini vacation and visit my family in California, My very amazing and beautiful Grandmother  "Nana" has been sick for some time and really need it to see her and the rest of my very awesome and crazy family. 
It was a good week  waking up each day and having breakfast with my Nana and Mom , It was surreal being there , I don't know why maybe because i had not seen them in almost 2 years. 
If only Ohio was closer to California how fun that would be. 
I came back full of energy and ready to work and work hard, So i can go visit again soon. 
I'll post pictures soon , but here is a sneak peek of what went down :)


Anyways , This week i have a big Sale on Original Paintings and Prints in my ebay Store. I been adding a lot of new prints too, Postcards and bookmarks , This week i will be working on the new Greeting Cards i just got from the printer, Very exited to show them to all of you awesome readers.

Also if you have Instagram , make sure to find me @abrilart and follow me , I post new pictures about everyday a lot of them don't make it to my Facebook so you can only see them there.


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