Facebook Page Referral Contest Starts NOW

Lets get the Party Started!!

Time for a little contest on my  fan page Abril Andrade Griffith Fine Art  I'm giving a BIG prize to the person who brings the most friends to the party.

How to Win:

- Refer a friend or family member to "LIKE" My Abril Andrade Griffith Fine Art Page
-  Your friend must then comment ON MY WALL that "so and so referred me".
-  The person with the most referrals wins the grand prize.


- Contest starts Friday, November 11, 2011 and will end Sunday, December 11, 2011

-  One whole Month to get all your Friends and Family to Vote for you by Leaving a Comment on my wall with your name.


-  For a referral to count, your friend MUST post on my wall who sent them.
-  You must have a minimum of five (5) referrals to be eligible for the prize.
-  Winner must live In the United States

- Your referred friend MUST be a new fan (joined after the start of the contest) and not an existing fan.
-  Referrers may also play to!! 
If you are not familiar with my work , you can check it out here : www.abrilandrade.com

That's it!  Let's see how many new fans we can bring to my Facebook Page.

****Added Incentive****

- Everyone that gets at LEAST five (5) referrals, will be eligible to win a prize at the conclusion of the contest! So, even if it appears like you will not be able to win the grand prize, there is still something to play for!

Feliz Dia de los Muertos " All Day of the Dead Paintings"

Just added 5 new Day of the Dead Inspired Paintings, you can find them in my ebay store HERE or click on each Image to go to Painting. 
Thank you and Feliz Dia de Los Muertos

Happy Birthday to my awesome Mom
Here Rocking this really cool Shirt of one of my paintings!

Fun at Craftin Outlaws

Thank you Everyone Who stopped by my booth At the Craftin Outlaws Alternative Craft Show October 15 In Columbus , I worked for 2 months straight creating new work just for the Show ,  Little Paintings affordable for everyone! The Craft Show was a success Sold over 35 paintings and a bunch more other stuff. My husband Also had his RCA Printing Shirts! and we had an amazing time Selling those too!
Everyone was so nice , i can't wait for next year! here are a few pictures from the Show.

Lots of Love 

Abril and Family

Our Space , getting things ready 8am

Thank Goodness for DVD's Our little girl didn't get to bored :)

My Sweet little Helper
Ready for the Show!
Lucy Very tired , we all been up since 5am :)
With my little helper beside me Watching Peppa Pig on My Mac

My Awesome Husband

The Griffiths 

Cool Crafts to do :) Pacman!

My little girl and I have been doing a lot of cool crafty things here lately , She is painting and Drawing every day all day right beside my desk where i paint, Is fun to see her do new things everyday , I found this really cool Pacman Halloween Garland super easy to do and fun for the whole family.
Check out the pictures below, This Is Credit to Kate @  http://www.minieco.co.uk She is a full time Mom, crafter and blogger  her  site is full of wonderful and fun crafts to do with your kids, i will be posting more as i find them. Enjoy!


Find my work at Muerto" Group Exhibition

If you live in Los Alamos, NM make sure to check out Muerto" Group Exhibition at Fuller Lodge Art Center going on now through November 12.

"Is it an ending or merely a rest stop on a greater journey? A time to mourn or to celebrate? A changing of seasons?"
Visit Fuller Lodge Art Center located  2132 Central Avenue Los Alamos, NM 87544 and check out the amazing art and if you see my painting take a picture with it and send it to me :) . If you can't make it to the show , you can take a look at the online gallery HERE

JellyFish i a bottle

Browsing around online for cute and cool projects to do with my little girl i came up on this very fun little project called JellyFish in a Bottle  definitely going to try it , super simple and easy to do ,and you can find everything you need around the house check it out at Bhoomplay



Hello Everyone Big Sale This Week , Buy one Print and Get a FREE print of your choice " of Equal or Less Price" 
 When you check out please add the item number or link to the Print you would like FREE if not i will select one for you.!!! Any Questions feel free to Message! :D  

Fun with Silk Screen Printing :)

We made the awesome decision to start making our own Shirts, specialty for our Tattoo Shop and it has been quite the adventure , learning as we go and getting better at it, One thing is for sure i will never buy a 30$ Shirt from any retail store ever again when i can make my own of whatever i want. Yay Love it!

In a few months i will start creating shirts with my Art and Matt's art to sell.

Creating more unique Stuff

Here lately i been full of ideas, i even got myself a little Journal to write everything down so i won't forget about it, I hope i never lose that little book of precious links and words.
I do a lot of research on crafts and videos on a daily basis, while making Dinner , painting or doing 5 other things at the same time and i have to say i have a full list of New Products i want to introduce in my store, It will be a few months for everything to be done and ready for sale since is all Handmade by one person "ME" but i can't wait to show everyone all the funky new Art.

I also started designing my very own line of greeting cards and throw pillows :) But it doesn't stop there i have 10+ other cool Stuff.

All the new products need more space to create them in so i been working on expanding my Studio Room and separate everything by stations which will make things easier and more organized. I wish i could have all this done already.

I am still painting of course , i never stop i am very good at multitasking hehe. A lot of unfinished projects with all this moving stations and expanding my room but it will all change as soon as everything is in its place.

Thank you Everyone for all your awesome and inspiring emails , Facebook Messages,  since i been getting a lot of Questions on different subjects but mostly Art Related  i think is a good idea to end my Blog post with the Answer. Keep them coming :) I will answer as soon as i can.

First Question is From Veronica Ronald

How do you have any time to create so many paintings while you have a toddler to take care off and a house to keep clean?

I paint pretty fast and probably 70% of the time i paint 2 to 6 paintings at once , with a little 3 year old running around all over the living room and my studio i think the more productive i am in less time the better. Lucy my Daughter usually plays beside me on the floor or i make space for her on my desk to put a few of her toys , she is with me 24/7 i guess you can say we have a routine.
Now about keeping the house clean that is my biggest challenge, the house stays as clean as it can possibly be with a 3 year old and 3 full toy boxes. But she helps me clean up every now and then :P

Thanks Veronica hope you got all your answers

"Art Sweeps Away the Dust of the Soul"

Need Your Vote , Help me Win This contest

I love Contest and even if i haven't won anything yet i enjoy the challenge , Fine Art America is Hosting  several contest and the First one has been a big hit so far, I am asking all of you wonderful People to Vote for me, Contest closes tomorrow, Is very simple no Sign up , no nothing you just click the Green button that Says Vote and That is it!!
Thank you so much for the Support and Help me win!
Click on the image to go VOTE , or click on this LINK http://fineartamerica.com/cont
ests/first-social-media-contest.html?tab=vote&artworkid=1194209 THANK YOU


Since my last sale was so successful, I thought I'd make another one! I keep getting Emails asking when will the next sale  be , So here you goo!   :)


Click on the Sale Image to go to my store and start looking for your next Painting/Print

New Skeleton Paintings muahahahaha

Here lately i been working on soo many projects i can't keep track off, one of them is another website for all my Day of the Dead creations , I decided to separate my Day of the Dead Art from the Rest of my work a couple of months ago,  i feel that having a site for all those Skeletons and Dia de los Muertos inspired paintings is the Best thing to do, But Putting Together another website is not done in a week and i can't focus on it completely since i have other Work i need to do as well. So other then a million projects half done now i have a new website to work on.

Here are some of the Paintings i have available in my store, Take a moment to check them out :) And if you like one why not add it to your collection.
Click on Image for more information

Hobby Lobby my Heaven

Today we visit Hobby Lobby my favorite store that i can't get enough off, and i wish i visited more often but i would probably spend way to much, so once every other week is perfect. I promise my husband i was just picking up a couple of canvases.  I think i was in there little over 45 mins, they had the Clearance marked 66% off HOLY MOLY, how can i not stay there and walk around longer then i had  plan, i love this store so much, i wish it was next door to my house i would work there for free, Bought a lot of cool Frames and other fun  stuff that i can turn in to Awesome Pieces of Work. Can't wait to start working on it Tomorrow. Matt had to go get me because i was taking long hehehe, And good thing he did because i was almost out of money.

I found this really cool Owl Coat Hanger, I can't wait to get next time when they issue the 40% coupon hate to pay 20 bucks when i can pay less. Check out the picture.

And my little helper "Lucy"

I think she was a little bored

Rain Rain... Go away.. Come again another day

Seems like for every beautiful sunny day we get 6 rainy days. But rain is also good ~ my flowers won't die from me forgetting to water them hehe.

The Good news, is i been working on new Paintings  that i will be adding to the store pretty soon. For now i leave you with the latest paintings up for sale.
Good Night Everyone



'The Last Post' by Derek K. Miller

I Found this Post Last night on my Friend Jinxi's  Blog and I'm Still having a hard time processing it ,this morning will be the third time i read it and i still find things i was not able to capture before. It was written by Derek K. Miller before he died and posted a bit after his passing.
Talks about the little things in life that Matter the most, talks about his family his life, and his Cancer. He is truly an inspiration to living a better life and doing what you love. Makes you love your Family your friends and the Small things in life even the boring and annoying ones.

If you have a moment please take the time to read it
He is a big inspiration, READ IT

Stumble on a Jar of Sun

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could catch the Sun or the Moon or even a Star in a jar , I found this Super Cute Sun and Moon in a Jar a few months ago while searching for a night light for my toddler, And i have to admit it's a super cute and original idea not only for kids but for everyone.

This Solar Light has so many uses that makes it a very fun and magical device specialty if you go camping with the kids, the best part is it doesn’t cost anything to keep it running. I love it and i hope to get one for Lucy soon however i am yet to find one made of plastic, and Due to my Daughter playing a little hard with the toys i mite skip this awesome light for a year or two :( . Or buy it for myself and hide it haha.

HERE is a link with more information however your best bet is to do a search for it on Ebay they are way cheaper there and a larger selection  you gotta love Ebay :)


After email, messaging, texting friends ,family and clients to be part of the intuit Business Grant Contest for the month of April, we come to the end of the month and the winner Reveal and well we all know it was not me haha but its ok . I Enjoyed all the wonderful Comments about my art and my business! I felt the Love and i am so very Thankful for all of you awesome Friends, and FB Friends. The contest is still going , its a 3 month contest a winner gets picked at the end of the Month, Contest ends The last day of June.




Hello World i am watching Strawberry shortcake from my studio room with my awesome little helper Lucy, its now day four of the day i started the $50,000 Intuit Hiring Grant Contest and I FEEL THE LOVE from my fans , Family and Friends stronger then Ever, in the past 4 days i have gain 325 votes that is incredible i truly appreciate all of you Voting, I am so Exited about this Contest, I could do Wonders to my business with the Money Grant, and grow my Store like no other and have more security for the future, Being an artist is not the easiest job to do , well it is easy you do what you love and who doesn't like that but you don't make a monthly paycheck , one that u know its coming like clockwork to your hands, nope not at all, some months are extremely low and others are just awesome!! full of orders and commissions, but that is the life and i love it , i love what i do and i love all my followers.
I am Very grateful for my Voters and their sweet and Beautiful Comments about my art business , Makes me want to create more and more and not sleep in days.

Anyways if you are reading this know that i am very thankful for all the support!

And if you don't know about the contest please check out the link below and be part of the Fans

Not Tired

1:50am I am not really tired nor ready for bed, i don't want to work because i worked all day but nothing on tv is really catching my eye. Chatting with my mom on Live Messenger and playing around with the new Iphone. Hope Everyone is having a great night!
New paintings tomorrow yay!
Night Night

Fun Giveaways and more

For the past week i been asking random Art Questions and the first one to comment with the correct answer was the happy winner of a print or a set of postcards. I felt it was a good idea to try out some fun stuff to do around the Fan Page and it worked. So i have no other choice then keep giving away fun stuff, Postcards , Ornaments, Original Paintings, Prints anything i can get my hands on.

So be on the look out for the next Trivia Question to win something.

In other news  I finally got the Phone i been wanting for like 2 years, but gave up on because we got on a plan with Sprint, We hated our phones and we decided to try at&t again and Order the Awesome Iphone 4 which i would of been fine with the 2nd Generation but you don't see me complaining about this amazing phone. At&t Shipped the phones very quickly but unfortunately the weekend got in the way and Presidents day did too, so to me it felt like a month. Yay ! It has been a blast learning how to use this phone, playing with app's and spending unnecessary money on stuff that you really don't use other then the awesome game Angry birds that my husband and i Play often.

Well what else can i say, It has been a very busy week working on two commissions, Trying to still potty train my little one and working a lot on my fan page on Facebook.
I have a dozen of things to do everyday and sometimes forget to update the blog but i will work on it more often!! Thank you for all the emails asking if i was ever going to add more post !! and yes!!! Because you guys ask for it "! i will

Hope everyone has a great night .
Sweet Dreams


New Paintings :) yay

New Paintings up on my store hope you all enjoy!
And if you wish add them to your collection
 Check out all of my new painting HERE


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