Support my Art on Patreon

I’m officially launching a Patreon page and I would love it if you could all head over there and check it out.

What is Patreon?

It’s like Kickstarter but instead of raising a bunch of money for one big project, Patreon allows fans to help support the creators they love by throwing in small amounts like $1 or $2 per project or per month. Giving them a chance to work on the Art you love and not worry about where their next paycheck will come from. Ultimately Improving the quantity and quality of the work they create.

What do you get?
My goal is to give you as much "behind the scenes" and New Art as I can Depending on your giving tier.
For your contributions, you get  rewards that include things like:

* that amazing and warm feeling for helping an artist concentrate on the work
* involvement in the creative decisions (what Character you want to see painted next)
*Original Paintings
* behind the scenes, work in progress, patron-only access
* Q&A with the artist
* signed prints
*and Much more... 

What’s it for?
It’s to help continue doing what i love and get back to painting Large pieces. I have a new series in development that i would love to give my full attention to.  This is your way of showing your support and getting rewards in return. 

Unlike Kickstarter, this is an ongoing system so you can join in and opt out at any time. I hope you consider becoming a patron and helping me create my next series of paintings.

Thank you 

Abril Andrade Griffith

PRE-ORDER Bones Butterflies and Dreams Book

My Book  "Bones Butterflies and Dreams" is almost Here!

PRE-ORDER the book and be among the first people to own this beautiful book featuring 30 paintings from my Solo Show Bones Butterflies and Dreams in San Diego Ca. this last April.

Preview of what you will find in this book:


And many many More....

Wonderful things to show you

So many Wonderful things have happen to me and my Career in the past 6 months , Starting with 2 consecutive Publications on TATTOO MAGAZINE,  and also 2  Publications in SKIN DEEP MAGAZINE UK.

The amazing Night of the Opening of my Solo Show in San Diego and a very cool Vacation with my Lovely Family.
I am very Blessed for all this great moments and i look forward to more fun things to come.

With all that said , I want to show you what paintings i have been working on and which ones are currently available to purchase in my Big Cartel Store

Don't forget to click on the image for more information ! 

Care for Tea
Oils on Canvas Sheet

I love tea and Tea Parties so what better way to show my Love for Tea then to paint it.

I been wanting to paint a Peacock for the longest time, Sometimes i forget and start a painting and not include a Peacock so this painting is really my first Peacock . What do you guys think? 
Oils on Stretched Canvas

Watercolor Seahorse
Watercolor , pen and Oils on Paper

I decided to get back on watercolors and this is my first painting in Watercolors this year.

Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

I Love to paint Cupcakes as much as i like to eat them :) Nom Nom Nom..

So those are the Painting i have ready for your viewing pleasure, if you are interested on any of them please click on the image and it will magically open my store  in another Window.

Thank You for Reading


Day 16,17,18,19,20, 21 - 29 Faces Challenge

Day 16,17,18,19,20, 21 of  The 29 Faces Challenge 

Here is my face # 16
This is the first layer of oil paint, Still working on it , finished painting will be displayed
in my Solo Show April 12 , at Centro  Cultural de la Raza in San Diego

- Starting the First layer of Oils 
This painting is of an Octopus Girl
Will also be Displayed at my Solo Show in April

Face #18

Face #18 - This is a Mario Bros Turnip, For all you Mario Bros Fans of the Classic and old game
The Full Painting is of Princess Peach and a few Characters and items from Mario Bros 2
Done in Oils

Face #19 
Little Carrot, Also Inspired by Mario Bros 2
Done in Oils and is part of Princess Peach Painting.

Face #20 More like part of Face
 I been sketching a lot of eyes , noses , mouths just to get better at them and here is my eye
on a post it

Face #21
Working on this new painting, I can only show you part of it since 
is going to my Show in April
Done in Oils

Face #22
Sketch on Canvas , of a painting in the making
Like all of my work it will probably won't look a thing like this, 
My paintings never end up how i start them.

Anyways I will continue with the faces even tho February is long gone, I been super busy painting for my show , and i hate to quit just because i didn't make the deadline/challenge. Is ok
I will be posting the rest of the faces during next week

The object of 29 Face Challenge  is to create a face every day throughout the month of February and post it on the blog, JOIN in the Fun! and Make a face a day.

Day 12,13,14,15 - 29 Faces Challenge

Day 11,12 ,13,14,15 of  The 29 Faces Challenge 

Here is my face # 11

Face #12 - Pencil Sketch

Face #13 - More like the beginning of a Face , Got one of the Eyes done :)

Face #14 

Face #15

The object of 29 Face Challenge  is to create a face every day throughout the month of February and post it on the blog, JOIN in the Fun! and Make a face a day.

Day 9 , 10, 11 29 Faces Challenge

Day 9,10 and 11 of  The 29 Faces Challenge , so far so good..

Here is my face # 9

Face # 10

Faces # 11

The object of 29 Face Challenge  is to create a face every day throughout the month of February and post it on the blog, JOIN in the Fun! and Make a face a day.

29 Faces Challenge Day 8 Teapot

Day 8 of  The 29 Faces Challenge , so far so good..

Here is my face # 8 a Teapot Face that is.

Still working on it should be done with it pretty soon...

The object of 29 Face Challenge  is to create a face every day throughout the month of February and post it on the blog, JOIN in the Fun! and Make a face a day.


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