New Art , kids , cats, new studio space, and Goals

I've decided to stop being lame and write my blog. I have way to many things to update daily that sometimes I'm like blah ill do it tomorrow and weeks and months pass and nothing.. but here we go again.
There are many things going on in my life right now I don't know were to start.
Learning a bit more and getting better on my work and that makes me very happy, as an artist only you know what things you need to work on to make them better and it's awesome to be able to feel so happy with a painting that i refuse to sell because is so unique and beautiful, i never keep my paintings tho and i know if  i look at it that way someone will  enjoy it even more.
I been thinking a lot about my hometown Tijuana Mexico and how i would love to promote my art there as much as i do here. I would love to be part of a show and have all my friends and family join me. Something that i really need to look in to, but all that has to be done in person a lot of cool art places back home don't have websites i know I've look for hours ,so living 2,294 Miles from Tijuana makes it a bit tricky to get the word our there but i will.

Here lately i been trying to paint 2 paintings a day, sometimes not even two .. the Days are so nice to waste them inside the house , So playing outside with my Little Lu has been awesome!
Been working also on some really cool necklaces, they are far from ready but getting there maybe for Christmas .. well i hope earlier then that, I want to do a million things at the same time that i just end up walking away from it all, I have soo many ideas and things in my head that i want to put in to work that they fight over each other and the list of To Dos keeps getting longer and longer. But  i will eventually get all that done :) 

Finally i have 90% of my supplies and furniture in our new house, and everything is up and ready looking good, Very happy with the space and how organize everything looks and how from my desk i can see my Toddler what she is doing at all time. Still one box with stuff to put away but i just been pushing it under the desk and ignoring it for the past week. I will get to it sometime soon like the rest of the things i need to do.

In other words 5 days have past and my Beautiful Toddler is no longer taking bottle, yes she is 2 and she should of left it a year ago maybe but she didn't and i didn't want to be up for 3 hrs with a crying kid  because she didn't get her bedtime bottle, so i waited something i wont do if we have another child, i guess you learn from your mistakes with the first kid and get better or do better with the second more like make things easier with the second if you have another. I am very proud that she is no longer on that bottle, Is annoying to hear other parents say Oh my kid left the bottle when it was 8 months old , and stuff like that is not a competition  kids are different and so are parents but when someone has a smart comment like that i always do a comeback really wow that is soo cool well my daughter is trilingual , does your kid know a second language lol.. Funny how you can make someone change the conversation right away. Kids are awesome and is awesome to brag about them but sometimes people can get very annoying and competitive. Now Potty training is a whole new story.. TO BE CONTINUED....

Its been a week a believe since my Cat Soap didn't come back home, i think about her every day  and u hope to see her each morning waiting for me to open the door and let her in, but she is not back yet, I really hope Soapita comes back soon, We've had her for 6 years maybe more....and it's weird to not see her around.

Goals before the year ends   mmmmMh  i have a few i been working on one of them is a day of the Dead Calendar that should be ready sometime in October it's looking soo cool, photoshop is awesome! I been also gathering up my best paintings for a book that i been wanting to create for a while, I also want to go visit my Family and Friends in Tijuana.. meet my brother's baby girls and have Lucy play with them which probably wont happen since Lucy likes to play on her own or with the Cat but will see how it goes....what else oh yes! Learn how to drive grrr!
Well i think that is all for now. Please take a moment to check out my new work and if you like it a lot why not added to your collection.
You can click on the image for more information
Thank you


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